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New Feature Alert: Auto Publish Reels to Instagram

Thu Aug 11 2022 13:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Auto Publish Reels to Instagram

We are excited to tell you that we launched the support to auto-post Reels on Instagram via Hookle. Get now more followers and engagement by scheduling Reels for your business.

With this new feature users can:

  • Easily auto-publish your videos as Reels on Instagram

  • Plan and schedule your Instagram video content in advance

  • Cross-post and schedule videos to multiple social media accounts at the same time

Instagram has recently done major updates on how videos are handled and it will have an influence on everyone. Starting today, all new video posts will be shared as Reels when you share videos using Hookle. This is a great improvement as now all your Reels will get a lot more visibility and engagement than before. Reels posting is free of charge in all plans - enjoy!

Powerful app for entrepreneurs

Hookle is working hard to develop its social media planner to be the most efficient tool for busy entrepreneurs and small business owners. We provide the essential features for managing your social media while leaving out the unnecessary complexity - allowing you to quickly take control of your social media, save tons of time and get more engagement. Auto Publish Reels to Instagram via Hookle is our latest feature to get more engagement , and more is to come in the near future. Stay tuned!

Hookle's mission is to help entrepreneurs

In these times, the importance of social media in the lives of entrepreneurs is greater than ever. Hookle's mission is to help entrepreneurs and small businesses to succeed in the social media jungle. 

Open or download Hookle on App Store or Google Play.

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